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I’ve been wanting to write about Christmas here, but you know how it is this time of year…something keeps coming up. There are several serious issues that could be discussed on a blog at Christmas time: what to do about Santa? was Jesus really born in December? white lights or color? Real tree or fake? But I’ve been having so much fun this Christmas that I had to make it about the fun today.

I used to worry about making our house look beautiful, classy, and meaningful every Christmas. It’s the pressure I feel living in a parsonage. When people look at our house they automatically think of the church, which means a giant inflatable abominable snowman out front was probably a little inappropriate. This year we haven’t had time to put up any outside decor, but last year we decided to let our Christmas decorations reflect our own personality as a family and not worry so much about appearances. Our big tree is beautifully decorated with red, white, & gold ornaments that remind us of who Jesus is or what He has done for us. But the outside of the house had blue & white icicle lights around the gutters, green twinkle lights around the garage, and color lights around the back door. None of them match and they don’t all work all the time, but they are sure a lot of fun!

Is that the parsonage behind all those lights?

Is that the parsonage behind all those lights?

I love going around looking at other people’s decorations this time of year. Last year my in-laws took us driving around to look at Christmas lights, and I made a few observations that I feel the need to share:

1.  Some people put up any decorations they want without thinking about how they all fit together. One house in town has a very small yard surrounded by a fence. Inside the fence is at least 6 large inflatable Christmas decorations. The mailman cannot walk down the sidewalk to deliver their Christmas cards because of the Santa-themed obstacle course blocking the way! Another set of decorations answered the age-old question of how the wise men were able to make it to the manger so quickly. Beside their nativity scene is a penguin in a hot air balloon. So THAT’s how the wise men made it to the manger! That explains everything!

2. People who decorate their yards for Christmas often have yard decorations in place that they should consider removing during Christmas. It’s a little unusual to have a “winter wonderland” theme going on in a flowerbed that also contains cement seahorses. I did a double-take when I saw a display with those traditional carolers next to a statue of Venus de Milo (the half-naked woman with no arms)…somebody get that gal a coat! But the funniest decoration combo was the garden gnome looking into the manger at the baby Jesus. It’s like he was saying…”If you’d booked with Travelocity, you’d be in a hotel right now…”

3. The last thing I observed on our Christmas light adventure, was what I thought was going to be the last thing I ever saw. People are crazy. Peace on earth,  goodwill to men does not extend to mall parking lots or busy intersections. My father-in-law pulled out into traffic while looking at Christmas lights and we all thought we were going to die. In fact, as cars zoomed by us, my oldest clutched the arm rest in the mini van and said with dread… “We are going to die.” Well, we didn’t die (obviously) but the people in the cars around us were probably considering  death threats. We got flipped off by at least two angry drivers who charged past us, horns blaring, gesturing angrily out the window. We tried to distract our girls by pointing out the other windows with Don Knotts-like smoothness “Lookoverhere! Lookoverhere!” But to no avail…our youngest saw the sign language and asked what it meant. My husband told her it means they think they are number 1…since they were only using one finger it made sense to her. Problem was, she spent the rest of the night waving her finger and shouting “We’re number one!” to everyone she saw…

So, what is fun about Christmas at your house? How does your personality shine through? How do you help your kids enjoy the season in spite of the busyness? I’d love to hear your funny observations about how the season is celebrated where you are!

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