Covered in Prayer

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When I was in high school, I had found out that one of my friends had asked her Sunday school class to pray for me. I was livid. Pray for me?!?! There was nothing wrong with me, so I couldn’t understand why my friend would be praying for me and asking others to do the same.


It took many years to be appreciative of her prayers.


You see, there was something wrong with me….I was lost.  I didn’t have a relationship with Christ.


Now, as a Christian, I covet prayers.  Just this morning, I received a text from a coworker letting me know that she’d been praying for me.  God had laid it on her heart, and she was obedient to Him and lifted me in prayer.  I’m eternally grateful for her prayers and for the prayers of others.

God tells us to pray without ceasing, devoting ourselves to prayer.  He tells us to pray in faith, believing that He hears us and answers according to His will.  In Romans, Paul’s heart’s desire and prayer was for the lost to be saved.  In Ephesians, 1 Thessolonians, and Philemon, we are reminded to give thanks for others as we remember them in prayer.


I challenge you to heed to God’s voice. When you awake in the middle of the night thinking of someone, pray for that person.  When you see a young mother struggling to get through the supermarket with fussing children, pray for them.  When you see the elderly widow sitting alone on her porch, pray for her.  Pray for those sitting around you in the waiting room at the doctor’s office. Pray for your families. Pray for your elected officials. Pray for your coworkers. Pray for your waitress. Pray for those who have slighted you.  Pray.  Pray without ceasing and pray with a thankful heart.

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    So grateful anytime someone is praying for me….especially for those prayers that led me to Christ!

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