Dinosaur Eggs produce Patience!

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We are a homeschool family, our weeks are full to bursting with spelling bees, math drills, and geography trivia for fun learning! When our kiddos do really well, we treat them with a few dollars and drive out to our local Dollar General. They get their own little yellow basket and scan the isles for that perfect shade of glittered nail polish or the loudest toy on the shelf. This particular shopping trip was extra fun for our little man, Jacob. He had $6.00 AND a friend with him. Those two boys were thrilled, they found a dinosaur egg! All they had to do was bring it home, immerse it in water, then in the next few hours the mystery dinosaur would hatch out of the melon sized egg! We came straight home and carefully placed the egg in a large bowl of water. Then we waited. And we waited some more. Nothing. As bedtime came, they were so disappointed. Early the next morning, they ran into the kitchen to see if there was any progress. Sure enough, there was a green beak poking ever so slightly from the egg! They were jumping up and down, so excited to see it had begun! They watched and watched, waiting for this dinosaur to make its appearance!

I noticed as time went on, they would give the water a little stir. Then they took a pencil and gave the egg a little spin. It wasn’t long before they asked me if they could just help it out a little bit and maybe pull a few pieces of the shell back to see what kind of specie they had. Their impatience was getting the best of them! They had to know! Before leaving for church, they were so discouraged and just knew it had done all it was going to and they would never see the results that were promised to them in the manual.

That’s just like me. Many times, I only see a sliver of what’s coming up next in ministry. There are other times when I get so excited and watch expectantly for the next step. On occasion,  I become discouraged and want to help Him along. I will try to give the water a little stir! You know, try to pull a few pieces off of the promise, a tiny bit here and there! Just like those little boys, I want to know! Impatience has to be one of the hardest obstacles in this life. In James 5:7-8 we are told to be patient, like the farmer waits for the precious produce of the soil, until it gets the early and the late rains. Patience will strengthen our hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near! Maybe you’re waiting on that marriage proposal, the positive pregnancy test, the job you just interviewed for, or like me that next step in ministry. All of those are exciting and overwhelming when you just see a tiny piece! Wondering what will this look like when it finally hatches? But, we must be patient and wait on the Lord! I know, I am right there in the seat of impatience with you! The Lord is ever faithful! But, I am finding, He doesn’t work on my time schedule, but only His! When I look back, I am grateful for the pauses, commas, and the waiting rooms! How about you?


Till next time, friends!




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