“New” Taste Buds

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Get Your Free Donuts on National Donut DayThe other day, I ate a K C donut–the only name/reason to EVER eat a donut! (Complete name not used purposefully.)  After the second bite, I noticed a “film” of sorts on the roof of my mouth.  The more bites….the heavier this “film.”  (I mean I had to keep eating to see if the film would go away.  Right???) Six donuts later, the film was still there.

Now, the donuts were still just as good as before; however, I had not noticed this “film” before.  You see, I have been eating more organic and less processed foods for the past few months.  Without even thinking about my “new” taste buds, I did the K C drive-by. 

Had this “film” been there all alone, but I had been too conditioned to eating the oils and other things in processed foods that I failed to notice?  As I continued to chew, I thought, “I am afraid so.”

It was only after I began cleaning up my act with even more intentionality than in the past did I notice the after taste of this and a couple of other foods.  (Okay…I had a bag of chips the other day too, as well as some french fries. This confession time is draining!!! Just kidding.)

Well, I will not return to my former bad habits.  Have I eaten my last K C donut?  I say no!!! I will simply use them as a “reward” (like once or twice a year).  Nevertheless, I do have a renewed zeal for eating healthy after being “filmed”.  Let’s do it together! 

~Shelly Johns

PS (praying saints):  let’s continue to remember those caught in the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami.  As we listen to how God would have each of us respond, may we be quick to follow His lead so that He may be glorified.

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