Family pictures!!

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Tomorrow we are finally getting our family pictures made.  I am soooooo excited.  For the first time ever I have asked a real photographer to take the pictures and not going to the mall or waiting for a church directory to get them done.  I want a family set, one of each child and Tom and me together.  I even went a couple of weeks ago with my daughters and picked out coordinating sweaters for the picture.  New haircuts have also been acquired.  I want people to look at this picture and think we are the “perfect” family.  We will smile and mug for the camera and as soon as the photographer says we are done the nice clothes will come off and the “real” us will show up.

People do that for church all the time.  They may have argued all morning, grumbled in the car and even stomped to the church, but as soon as they walk in they are all smiles and the “perfect family”.  We seem to want to fake it around other Christians so we look better than we actually are.  You may say you don’t, but stop and really think about it?  Do you?

My husband and I used to play on a softball team that was not a church league.  It would be so funny when we walked up someone would always say, and very loudly I might add, “Hey PREACHER”.  They wanted to warn everyone to be on their best behaviour because Tom was a preacher.

We can hide a lot of stuff from people, but we can not hide anything from God.  He sees us at our best, worst, lowest and highest.  Best of all He loves us through it all.

So tonight I am going to make sure everything is set and ready for our pictures.  We will smile and look great!  And Saturday we will be plain ol’ us!

Smile, God sees you!

Aundie Starks

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