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Do you find yourself dividing your life into ‘compartments’?  You know – church life, home life, work life?  What about spiritual, physical and emotional?  For some reason we think that these are all separate areas of life, when in reality they are all connected to make “US”.

To be the best ME that I can be I have to fuel every area of my life.  I just got a new car. My old car was a 2002 Monte Carlo, it was a sport version, but only required regular unleaded fuel.  My new car is a bit higher performance and requires Premium fuel.  I could put regular unleaded in my new car, but if I want peak performance and long term performance I am going to add Premium fuel.

Our lives are no different.  We have been designed by The Almighty God!!  It doesn’t get any better than that.  But to perform at our best we have to make sure that we are giving ourselves premium fuel.


How are you fueling yourselves spiritually?  There are so many options…. quick devotionals, listening to sermons online, Bible Study guides.  Those are all great tools, but I find the best way to hear directly from God is thru His Word – no opinions of others, just His Word directly to me!  The Holy God, Creator of the Universe, wants to speak directly to me and to you!  How incredible is that?  God knows exactly what we need daily and can’t wait to speak to us. If you don’t have a plan for a personal time with God.  Here’s a suggestion…three simple steps.

  1. Start with any book of the Bible and stay there until the book is completed.  Read until God speaks to you.
  2. Write down what the verse means.
  3. What does God want you to do with that verse or passage practically.

When you finish that book, move on to the next.  This process allowed me to study the entire Bible verse by verse.


Where do you get your emotional/social fuel?  As believers, we are called to minister to others, which can be a fuel drain.  It is important that we refuel. Who do you surround yourself with that refuels you emotionally?  Who in your life can you relax with, laugh with, and just have fun.  Life is serious business.  My best emotional fuel is simply spending time with friends laughing and enjoying being together.  It is easy in the chaos of life to let our friendships take a back seat.  Make plans to fuel your emotional and social life.  It won’t happen unless you put it on your calendar.


What are you doing to give your body the fuel it needs?  In the fast paced life, we all lead, it is sometimes hard to get good healthy food.  We live in a drive-thru society.  We are running in a lot of directions, but we struggle to find the time to get in healthy physical activity.  To be the best that we can be and to be ready to do all that calls us to do, we have to take care of the body that gave us to use to accomplish that task.  The only way it will happen is to be aware of what we are eating and the activity level of our day.

In case you didn’t notice, each section requires planning and intention.  These things don’t just happen.  To be our best for Him, we have to fill the gaps with premium fuel.  Let’s all take some time this weekend to plan our next week.  What will we do to fill our spiritual, emotional and physical gaps?  Let’s be our best for His glory!


Filling the gaps,




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