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In my household being a volunteer fireman is extremely important.   My husband,Tom is a fireman as well as the Chaplin for the unit.  My oldest son Jordan (he is 21) is a fireman and my youngest son, Taylor (he is 15) is a junior firefighter.  I am very proud of all three of them, but worry constantly for their safety.  A few days ago they got called out at 2 in the morning to a house fire.  About two hours later my phone rang, one of my worst fears.  My husband was on the other end telling me they were taking Taylor to the hospital in the ambulance.  He had almost passed out and had a high blood pressure and for me to get dressed he would pick me up in a minute.  Worried I quickly (as quick as one can who is still barely moving from surgery) got dressed and off we went.  Turned out he was fine, he just got to close to the smoke and over heated as well.

Jump forward a couple of days, Jordan and Tom were called to another house fire.  Tom comes home first and says, “um, don’t worry to much, but Jordan got burnt.”  WHAT?!  Jordan walks in with his wrist wrapped with two burns and his face had a line of burns down it.  UGH!!  I wish I could just ban them all from the fire department, but they love it and as they say “if it was our house wouldn’t you want someone to respond?”  Oh now they think rational!

As a Christian though we are all firefighters.  Mark 9:44 describes hell as “where their worm dieth not and the fire is not quenched.”  When my guys go out to fight a fire they put it out, but hell is a never ending flame.  As Christians we hold the fire hose so to speak in keeping a lost person from those flames.  We have the power to share the Gospel of Christ to them and save them from this inferno.

When Jordan go back from the fire that burnt him, some of his gear had actually melted due to the heat.  Can you imagine the intensity that could do that?  Now imagine that it never goes away!  We must share God’s Word!  We must be the firefighters of hell!

I pray that today if you know a lost person (and I am sure that you do), let us get down on our knees and pray that today be the day that they find the Saviour.  If you are able to reach out to them personally…what are you waiting for?

A humble firefighter,

Aundie Starks

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