Give it to God

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This week has been absolutely crazy!!    I went to work Saturday at the hospital, was there about 5 minutes when I felt faint.  My co-workers whisk me off to the ER.  Once you have had heart surgery and have any similar problem, you get priority, which was ok.  After my EKG they determined that I needed to go to Louisville to the hospital there.

Five days later and a multitude of tests and even a heart cath. they finally decided that when I am on my feet very long my blood pressure drops and my heart races.  So more medicine!  I am thankful though that it can be solved with just a pill.

Sometimes in life we get overwhelmed.  This week I was very overwhelmed, I needed an answer to my problem.  The doctor’s tried several things till they figured it out.  We do the same thing.  We search and search for the answers that we need, when the solution is right before us… Give it to God.

I have also been faced with a family issue that I thought I would never have to face again.  It is a family members drug abuse.  It almost tore our family apart years ago.   I was devastated by the news.  I felt so helpless.   I shared my issue with my Bible Study group and they all said…”Give it to God”.  Sometimes that is hard to do.  We are so strong willed.   I am working on it. (Please pray for my situation as we deal with it and the outcome)

I pray that if you are going through a trail in your life right now that you realize the best thing to do is to “Give it to God”.

Happy Halloween, stay safe!

Aundie Starks

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