Goals to Grow By

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Picture of Tree and sky - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.com Last week, I shared my top five values, following a workshop that I attended.  For those who missed the blog post or care to be reminded, they were:  faith, family, health, education and finances.

As I continue to put into practice what I learned during the workshop, I want to share a short term and a long term goal.  (Ok…I have to confess.  The facililator gave us this assignment as homework to carry out on the “honor system”.)   So, here I go:

Short-range Goal (three months):   I have lost 10 pounds by December 15, 2010. 

Long-range Goal (a year or more):  I am still managing to keep off the 10 pounds by December 15, 2011.

I have also written other goals that will help keep my values in the forefront of my mind.  For example, I am currently reading through the Bible.  So, one of my long-range goals regarding “Faith” is:  I have read through the entire Bible by May 2013.  (I am on the three-year-reading plan so that I can concentrate on smaller portions daily, allowing more time for meditation.  Every three years, I will begin again.)

What are your goals (personal and/or for your family)?  To get you started, here’s a seven-step model of goal setting by author and speaker, Brian Tracy:

  1. Decide what you want (For Christians, make this a matter of prayer, seeking God’s face for His direction.)*
  2. Write it down
  3. Set a deadline
  4. List actions
  5. Organize actions
  6. Set reminders
  7. Take action every day
*My words/addition in italics.

Goal writing suggestions are:  use only one sentence; write as an affirmation statement (“I have” or “I am”), and create a celebration strategy by having something at the end of the goal. 

You can use your values to write your goals, which will help keep you on track.  Make sure that you post them, using an index card, in visible places such as on your mirror in the bathroom and in your car.

My challenge to you today is to write one short-range goal and one long-range goal.  Then incorporate this in your life by writing new ones at least once a quarter so that you incorporate this strategy in your life.   

Here’s to our spiritual AND mental health!

~Shelly Johns

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