God Knows My Place

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I wrestle with this thing they call FOMO. Fear of missing out!  I don’t want to miss out on what God has for my life.  I’ve tasted His goodness in so many areas and it only leaves me longing for more of Him. The problem is I have this broken thing in me that provokes a behavior that kicks into action and I end up getting none of Him with a lot of self-induced exhaustion!  The very object of my worship transitions from a Holy God to the task at hand with a little less than desirable motive.  I’ve allowed myself to become so busy, too busy.  I’m in crisis management utilizing a task-oriented mindset to just get it all done!  Ironically, in my “crazy busy” I sometimes lose the real reason for any of it, Jesus.

I’ve questioned what needs to remain and what needs to go more times than I can count. Unfortunately, most days I feel as though I might be stuck in a hamster wheel with no option to ever get off!  It never feels safe to abandon a task.  Isn’t it bad to abandon your obligations to the Lord?  Should I have ever committed myself in the first place?   In God’s perfect timing, He has led me to a FREE summer training class called iBloom in Business! This opportunity crossed my path on Facebook no less. That’s a topic for another day. I’ve already gleaned the most restful nugget as a reminder of His grace!


“You do not have to leave your place to try to find a more noticeable one, in the hope that someone will discover your gifts and talents.” Christine Caine


When I read these words, it was like a breath of fresh air filling my lungs! I found myself with a sense of relief that I’d almost forgotten could exist in Him! This was such a much-needed reminder. Ahh!  You mean I don’t have to keep on and on doing all the multiple things I’m trying to do out of fear that NOT doing some of them will forfeit an opportunity God may present?

It’s true, I don’t dare get to write this post from a place that insinuates I live each day believing God Knows My Place. I have to be reminded at times.  Sometimes I get off kilter and start to strategize how I can position myself better to be connected to the right people to participate in the right activities so that I might be discovered for how awesome God made me for serving Him!  Yeah, I know. This sounds pretty prideful doesn’t it? As much as I don’t like to think of this as pride, I’m not sure what else you call it.  My broken human effort starts to get involved and oddly enough it looks very similar to the strategizing and decision-making we read about with Abraham and Sarah.  When we get involved implementing our plan instead of allowing God to do things in His time, it says we don’t trust Him and we know better through our efforts.  That’s pretty much pride.

I’m guilty of considering my age and dwell on the fact that I’m not getting any younger over here! The dialogue in my head proceeds, “Come on God, I’ve been preparing for this my whole life. When do I get to do this great thing I’m believing you for?” “Why does everyone else seem to be living the life they love 24/7 and I’m over here wrestling with My Place?” “When are you going to show me what it looks like?”

I’m so tired of all the tasks. I do a lot of good things. Actually, some things I do are great things! However, I’m caught in the rut that I read about all too often. Christian leaders warn about the need to find balance. I’m starting to understand how they speak to the topic with such authority. They too have been caught up in the snare and had to draw the line of NO MORE and surrender some things to God. Lysa Terkeurst wrote an entire study called, “The Best Yes.” I have to assume she’s trod this path before us. I want to be above the enemy’s snare so badly, but I’m just not. None of us are.

God has my (our) global positioning satellite coordinates infinitely on His radar and He has absolutely no need for me (us) to make calculated moves to enhance His view! Whether it is recognizing pride that I’ve mistaken for an overzealous desire to serve Him or a heart that is perfect for the task, His timing will be the right timing and not one second before.




He has My Digits


He Has Yours TOO!

Declaring today I will do a better job stewarding My Place well. Won’t you join me?








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