God Works Through An Active Prayer Line!

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I went for a walk in the local park this week.  I didn’t even put my ear buds in to listen to music.  I decided to talk with God and try my best to listen for His still small voice to speak without any distractions.  I cried out for Him to help me get back to that joyful place I once lived every single day of my life.  You know, that place when you first meet Jesus and you’re excited beyond words to share what He has done for you with everyone you meet on the street!!!

Too often I find myself realizing I’ve moved a few steps away from that sweet place with the Father.  I allow things like my pressing schedule, things I want for the future, or the offenses of mean people to impact me in such a way I get out of the Word for a brief bit and fail to talk with the Lord.  The gap this forms in my heart begins eating away at the joy and peace that Jesus gives.  I am the problem.  He does not move away, ever.  I am the one that moves.  Without fail, every single time I realize I’ve moved and turn my heart back to the one who died for my sake, He is faithful to show up and fill me!

I was on my way home from walking at the park when I passed a young lady sitting along the roadside with an umbrella to provide shade around a few items she appeared to be trying to sell.  I wouldn’t really call this a yard sale because there were so few items they would fit into one box.   I felt a nudge from the Holy Spirit to go back and bless her with some money and also ask if she knows Jesus.  So what did I do?  I kept driving All. The. Way. Home.  That nudge didn’t go away.  Then it hit me, this was an honest to goodness prompt from the Holy Spirit to go back.  Like, for real, go back!  Now!

I did.

I got out of my car to approach the young lady and soon found myself sitting on the pavement just to talk.  I learned that my newfound friend met Jesus and invited Him into her heart last year.   She served in the U.S. Marines for 4 years, but is out now with plans to start college this fall using her GI Bill.  Her marriage is in serious trouble at the expense of 2 small kids to which she needs to provide food, shelter, and clothing.  Right now, she is depending on her in-laws for help.  They are Christians and are very concerned about their son who professes to be atheist.  I literally found myself talking with a young mother and wife with little to no hope in her circumstances.

I told her I felt as though God had called me back to talk with her.  She agreed and quickly told me how she was asking God to send someone, anyone to just talk to her earlier in the day.  I shared a lot of my testimony that speaks about marriage and financial devastation.  I gave her a lot of details that were personal and intimate because I could see pain in her eyes that was so relatable to the words I was freely sharing.

Sometimes we just need to know that someone else made it through circumstances that are just like ours.  We glean hope when others tell us about making it.  She knows Jesus, but keeping the faith and continuing to trust in Him no matter what can be hard.  It’s hard for all of us when we are in the middle of our mess.  We all need encouraging reminders from each other.  I knew after talking with my new friend that God had called me to her aide for the purpose of encouragement and prayer.

In retrospect, I love knowing how I was praying and she was praying which resulted in our unity.  We both had different requests but our great God united our two prayers for the purpose of blessing each of us and meeting the needs of our heart.  I love Him so much!!!

Lord, forgive me for not always being sensitive to your Spirit.  I so want to live like this every single day without the distractions that steal my attention off of you.  Amen.

We got to pray pray pray girls,




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  1. shelly
    Posted July 9, 2014 at 10:19 am | Permalink

    Beautiful picture of obedience too, Kelli. Thank you.

  2. Posted July 9, 2014 at 6:07 pm | Permalink

    Amen! We have to stay open to the Holy Spirit at all times—and then obey Him. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lisa
    Posted July 11, 2014 at 12:38 am | Permalink

    Thanks Kelli for sharing your heart. I know I need to be more sensitive to the Lord’s prompting.

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