Gossip Girl?

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I have never been one to gossip.  Sure, periodically, there has been the occasional slip here and there.  Nevertheless, I managed to stay off the “vine” and out of it (at least on a full-time basis). 

Well, lately, I seem to ask one too many questions about…..whatever, and before I know it…well you can piece  the rest together.  My innocent question has not only put me in a bad position, but it may have caused the other person to feel somewhat obligated to divulge more than they intended.

Now before you go off the deep end, I am not talking about engaging in speading lies or discussing hear-say.  Nevertheless, even the simple chit-chat (i.e. reminiscing about someone or something from the distant past) can dull our senses of hearing God’s voice, being peace-makers or just representing Him in all that we say and do.

God knows that I have been the subject of much discussion (and I am sure that you have too at some point).  So, I know how it feels (even when the subject matter has been supplied by something that I did!!!).  Nevertheless, by the end of the conversation, I feel as if I should “slither” off.

Therefore, I have decided to simply stop.  I do not need to know why “she” is doing this or that or why “you” might have made a certain statement.   Instead, I am striving to pray more often (including for myself so that I can simply keep my mouth shut!).   

By doing just these two things, I will create a better internal environment. (Sin wreaks more internal havoc than acid reflux!) Just as important, however, I will also spur others on toward love and good deeds (instead of dishing the dirt!). 


Update on Aundie Starks, one of our crosseyedliving bloggers:  she is home and recuperating well following double bypass surgery.  Please continue to pray that her appetite gets better.  (Aundie, we are thankful for God’s intervention and wait expectantly for a complete recovery! We love you.)

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