He Holds the Future

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If you’ve been following the state news, you know that there are some issues with the pensions of state employees.  As a public educator, I am affected by this.  It affects my future. I am reminded, however, that God holds my future.

As I reflect on crisis or tough times in my life, I am reminded that my security doesn’t come from people. It doesn’t come from pensions. My security doesn’t come from anything other than Christ. When my husband was deployed, I knew God had us in Hands.  When I was awaiting the results of ultrasounds and bloodwork to confirm my miscarriage, I knew that God was in control.  When my husband changed career paths and became a fulltime pastor, I knew God would provide when this brought a salary reduction.  In these circumstances and in so many others, I put my trust in God because He is my security.


No matter what comes at us, no matter how badly our government fails us, no matter how we hurt, we can remain confident of our future when we know Christ.  Through Him, we can do all things.

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