He’s Our All in All

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I’ve toiled around many different topics to write about this week: Veterans Day, Military Life, Service, Sacrifice, Thanksgiving, Thankfulness, Community. But last night, I stayed out way too late on a school night at a Chonda Pierce concert. She said something that stuck with me, and I really feel the need to share it with you.

Chonda has been through so much in her life – hurt, devastation, abuse, depression, loss – yet, she has remained faithful to God. Here’s why:

The same God that provides peace for her is the same God that provides healing to someone else.

Here’s what she reminded us:

No matter what we are going through, God can meet our needs. If we are sick, He can provide healing. If we are lonely, He can provide companionship. If we feel hopeless, He gives us hope. Need peace? He can provide that too.

Our Mighty Lord is our All in All. He’s our Comforter. He’s our Healer. He’s our Redeemer. Whatever our need, He has the power to meet that need.

So, today, with this short, simple post, I urge you, Sister, to call out to God. Place your hope and your confidence in Him. The same God that provided emotional healing after my miscarriage can bring you comfort after your loss. The same God that gave me peace when my husband was deployed can provide hope in your time of desperation. Let God be your All in All.

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