How to be a WORLD CHANGER!

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Do you want to change the WORLD? Do you want to be the leader God created you to be? Together, let’s change the world, starting with ourselves.

Romans 12:9-16 (NLT)

·         Help me not to pretend to love others

·         Help me to really love them

·         Help me to hate what is wrong

·         Help me to hold tightly to what is good

·         Help me to love others with a genuine affection and to take delight in honoring each other

·         Help me to not be lazy, to work hard, and to serve You Lord enthusiastically

·         Help me to rejoice in the hope You give me with confidence

·         Help me to be patient in trouble and keep on praying

·         Help me, when I see God’s people in need, to be ready to help them

·         Help me to always be ready to practice hospitality

·         Help me Lord to bless those who persecute me

·         Help me not to curse them

·         Help me to pray that You Lord will bless them

·         Help me to be happy with those who are happy

·         Help me to weep with those who weep

·         Help me to live in harmony with each other

·         Help me not to be too proud to enjoy the company of ordinary, everyday people

·         Help me Lord, not to think that I know it all.

Do you want to change the world?? Start with YOU! Pray this over yourself daily, every time you feel yourself step outside of these boundaries.. STOP.. TURN..REFOCUS!


Changing the world,



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