Increase Volunteerism in Women’s Ministry

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Why is it so difficult to get people to volunteer?” I am asked this question consistently. Every church or situation is different, but sometimes even large churches are challenged when securing volunteers.

Here are ways you can increase your volunteerism (get more people involved in ministry):

1.      Pray. Ask God to help you see what He wants done and thank Him for providing volunteers.

2.      Share. Explain purpose for the project. Tell what is expected from volunteers, how long they will be needed, and what is in it for them. Also, give details to help them succeed at volunteering.  Yes, you will need to train them so that everyone is on the same page. This may also be a good time to share the training date(s), location, and any other pertinent details.

3.      Invite. Ask people for help—even if you must hand write a note for the bulletin; prepare a 1 to 2-minute announcement for morning worship; ask Sunday school leaders if you may make a 1 minute announcement, and/or make a 30 second announcement during prayer meeting and ask them to pray about helping. Always share where and how they can sign up.

4.      Equip. Give specific details, expectations and answer questions during training. NOTE:  secure the training room well before the date.

5.      Be organized.  Finalize and share project details early—at least by the “Equip” date mentioned in #4.  If adjustments are needed, always inform—especially if the change will affect the group or publicized details.

6.      Check your attitude. A Christ-like attitude is always crucial.  This includes a cheerful heart!

7.      Celebrate.  Call volunteers by name publicly, and give a small token as a remembrance of the occasion.

Share, in the comments section below, ideas that have increased volunteerism in your women’s ministry. (We never share your email, using it only to alert you of new posts.)

To His glory and for our good,


Looking ahead:  next week, I plan to discuss Discipleship in Women’s Ministry!

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