Is Discipleship the Culture of YOUR Women’s Ministry?

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Women’s ministry can have life-changing, generational-bondage-breaking effects in your church and beyond.  If the culture of women’s ministry is one where Christian women become disciples who make disciples, the very heart of God is expressed and experienced.

At least six factors need to be present in women’s ministry to make disciples who make disciples:

  1. Prayer is vital in building a discipleship culture in your women’s ministry. Consistent communication with God gives women His game plan for living as a disciple, making disciples and repeating the process. Also, teach the women to pray for their disciple(s).
  2. A purpose statement should intentionally and clearly communicate the disciple making factor of women’s ministry.
  3. Bible study should be at the core of your women’s ministry. Topical studies about love, character, prayer, faith, being a disciple, etc. are a few discipleship-culture-creating curriculum examples.
  4. Establish a biblical understanding of discipleship. Matthew 28:19-20 defines making disciples as the whole process of conversion, baptism and obeying the commandments of Jesus. Thus, for me, discipleship is the process from evangelism (leading the person to Christ) to maturity (teaching them to follow Christ).
  5. Train women leaders to make disciples who make disciples. Sonlife ministries describes discipleship (or making disciples) as a lifetime of followership to the ways of Jesus’ pattern and priorities. Discipleship should simply be the way of life encouraged through women’s ministry.
  6. Evangelism training should be ongoing in your women’s ministry, providing opportunities (internal, community-wide, etc.). God-focused curriculum for the discipleship process such as Beth Moore’s Living Free and Heart Call (four-week Bible study that points believers in the way to live and share their faith as they go) are excellent resources.

Women’s ministry can help us be disciples who make disciples. Is it your women’s ministry’s culture? We (I) have work to do!


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