Is Your Prayer Life Hot or Cold?

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Once in a while at just the right moment God will demand an answer to such questions? I recently went to see the new movie many are raving about called,War Room! (It’s worth raving about…just FYI) Can I let you in on a little secret? I went to the movie alone. Yes, that’s right, alone! I was so angry with my husband from an argument that had taken place earlier in the day. Yes, pastors and their wives do argue! In all honesty he hadn’t really done anything wrong. Well…let’s say nothing major anyway. It was more like poor communication and because of my insecurities in a particular area of our life; I allowed the enemy to fuel my anger to a place that really was not called for AT ALL!

Check this out from the movie:

War Room Movie Clip

I began seeing our story from years past in the scenes of this movie. I quickly recalled the days in my life when our marriage was all but done. I also recalled the diligence in my radical prayer life that was HOT as fire during those days!  Not so long ago, I was the one literally storming the gates of heaven in prayer for my husband’s salvation, our marriage, our finances, and anything else that looked like it was circling the drain super fast. I kept multiple journals with written prayers for every aspect of life.   I still have these treasures in a basket today and it is so refreshing to read about the faithfulness of God in my own life.

As I sat in the movie theater all alone, God used this amazing movie to pierce my heart with His mighty presence. I began to recognize that I was failing my husband in this season of our lives. Although I pray for him, I had not been on my face seeking the Lord with the same radical intensity as I did a few short years ago when we were in such trouble. Our troubles today look a little different than several years ago and I’m thankful it does, but it is a dangerous place to be when you allow your heart to grow complacent. My rising insecurities mentioned earlier are a direct result of my lack of communication with the one who knows and loves me so dear. I’ve allowed busyness of life to swallow up my time and steal away the ability to make wise choices in prioritizing time for “War Room” prayers. I know I’m not alone in this. I talk with far too many women and the struggle is REAL.

If I were to be honest, sometimes my prayers in certain areas of life are quite cold, but more frightening than that is admitting to myself that I have areas of my prayer life that have settled into a lukewarm temperature. I don’t even like the idea of typing this for anyone to read, but it is true. I think we must be transparent with others in our journey because we all face snags in the road along the way. I’m thankful to God for using this movie to remind me that I need Him as much as I ever did! I need to enter into my own “War Room” with diligence and purpose every. single. day.

Ask yourself, “Is my prayer life hot or cold?” or “Is it lukewarm?”

I hope you too will create a “War Room” and faithfully show up to seek His face in prayer!

I’m going back in my “War Room”!

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