Life’s Not Fair

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There are two quotes that I attribute to my mother.   “No one will ever love you like your mother.”  “Life’s not fair.”

We learn that life isn’t fair at an early age.  Other kids have cooler toys, name brand clothes, nicer cars, go on vacations, have better jobs, no health issues, family problems – oh wait, that is the adult list.

Joseph experienced his share of “life’s not fair”.

At seventeen, Joseph had a dream that described his brothers bowing down to him.  It doesn’t say what kind of attitude Joseph had when sharing this dream with his brothers, but you can imagine.  He’s the little brother, the favorite.  His brothers hated him even more.  At this point, Joseph was on the winning side of “life’s not fair”.

Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery. Joseph is accused unjustly and thrown in prison.  While in prison he is betrayed.  Eventually, Joseph placed in the highest position possible in Egypt.  He is in a position to save the Egyptians and his own family from famine.

There is a lot of “no fair” happening in his life.  We are not told the progression in his being able to forgive his brothers. It was probably a long, painful process.  We are told that he forgives them and lovingly shares that God’s plan is always perfect.  What they meant for evil, God used for good.

At the end of Jacob’s life, he is blessing his sons.  Jacob gives his biggest blessing on Joseph’s youngest son – “his younger brother will be greater than he”.  Joseph is not pleased.  Isn’t it interesting that Joseph didn’t have a problem when HE was the youngest and being told by God that he would be greater than his brothers.

We don’t mind life being unfair, when it is unfair in our favor.  We quickly say “unfair” and forget that God’s plans are always perfect when we face difficulty or situations we don’t understand.

We must remember, what is meant for evil by the enemy, God uses for good.  Trust Him today in your “unfair” situation.




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    Thanks for this, Lisa. Needed this.

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