The Little Drummer Boy

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“I have no gift to bring…that’s fit to give a King…Shall I play for you…on my drum?” ~The Little Drummer Boy, Katherine Kennicott Davis

How many times have you heard this quaint little song during the holiday season? You may even hum it to yourself every once in a while. It’s definitely a classic and one of my favorites. But it wasn’t until I really focused on the words of the song and how they apply to my daily walk with Christ, that I began to appreciate this song all the more.

The premise of the song is a little boy, who plays a drum, is at the birth of Christ. He doesn’t have a gift “fit to give a King”, but he has the ability to play his drum. We are just like this little drummer boy. We have nothing to offer the King of King and Lord of Lords. He only asks us to obey Him. Our obedience is our drum. The little drummer boy is then given permission to play his drum and he sings, “I played my drum for him…I played my BEST for him” [emphasis added]. When we obey Christ and we do our BEST for Him, it’s absolutely astounding what happens. “Then He smiled at me…me and my drum.” Christ smiles at us too. He says, “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

We have nothing to offer the Lord, but He asks us for our obedience. When we obey Him and we do our best for Him, He smiles at us and shows us how amazing He is. We are exactly like this little drummer boy. Obedience to Christ is the key. I hope the next time you hear this song you will hear it with a new perspective. Blessings and Merry Christmas!

~Lauren Ray

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