Live the Truth Intentionally…Even in the Smallest of Ways

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Hi friends!

Happy June!

I’ve had this small thing on my mind lately.  It’s small in the sense that I could have easily dismissed it and perhaps missed a golden opportunity to lift up the name of Jesus to a complete and total stranger.

As I was reading in my NEW “She Reads Truth” Bible, I ran across a passage of scripture with a heading CONSISTENCY IN THE CHRISTIAN LIFE that reminded me of a story I want to share with you.

I mean how easy is it to get caught up in other things and totally let the simple not so obvious things zip right past?  I’d say pretty easy, right?


Ephesians 5:15-16

15 Be very careful, then, how you live—not as unwise but as wise, 16 making the most of every opportunity, because the days are evil.


I had boarded my flight home after a long and stressful work week.  Thinking ahead, I had booked a seat next to the aisle because a girl never knows when she might need to pee!  I always hate asking other seat mates to let me out if I’m hemmed into a window seat.  I was all settled into my space, bags tucked neatly under the seat in front of me, headphones were on with a free movie ready to go on the Delta movie studio!  I was all set to go!

Not so fast!  The middle seat between me and the guy occupying the window seat was vacant.  Sometimes you get lucky and fly with an empty middle seat, but not today.  I looked up and there he stood!  The very tall, lanky guy who owned the rights to this not so spacious seat for the next hour or so had arrived.  I graciously stood to my feet allowing him entry into our cramped little nook.  He smiled with reservations as he settled in with his tall stature in such confined space.  I felt bad for him and felt a strong nudge from God to show kindness in a simple way.  I turned to him with a smile and said, “When all these people get settled on the plane, I’ll trade seats with you so you’ll have more leg room.”  This man lit up like a Christmas tree at the mere idea that some stranger would offer this small sacrifice so that he might spend the next hour flying in more comfort!  He kept repeating how kind that was of me and how I was such a sweetheart to do that for him.

(I don’t tell you this to brag on me so please don’t interpret that as my intent in sharing this story.)

I consciously turned to him and said, “I love Jesus and I’m only doing what I feel like He would have me to do.”  He smiled and said, “That makes two of us, I love Jesus too!”  I shared how I can be quite dangerous without Jesus and he laughed as though he doubted me.

If feels really good to do something selfless for another person when you know it comes from a place motivated by the presence of Jesus in your life!  On my own accord, I most likely would not have been sensitive to this guys need.  Granted it wasn’t a huge thing, but it was a thing and God used it to show up in the mundane moment of being cramped on an airplane with strangers turned siblings in Christ.

Ladies, I hope you’ll join me in living TRUTH more intentionally in the everyday things of life.  It’s richly rewarding to be the hands and feet of Jesus in all the small ways;)




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