Love In Any Language

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Love in any language, straight from the heart

Pulls us all together, never apart

And once we learn to speak it, all the world will hear

Love in any language, fluently spoken here




Last week, a portion of the lyrics to the song “Love in Any Language” by Sandi Patty echoed inside my head over and over as I walked the dirt paths of many Honduran villages. There are no words to adequately describe what I experienced. I tried to listen to those who had gone before me and drink in their experiences as my own to get prepared, but it was not to be. It wasn’t until I trod the path in my own shoes and tasted the dirt on my own tongue that I began to get a real sense of the tremendous need among a people group totally dependent on God to make provision for them. They have nothing in the sense of material possessions. There are cut outs where windows and doors belong, but they remain as open holes for dogs, cats, or chickens to walk right in at any moment. One might find a bed to be an old rusty bedspring with cardboard spread across the top for a nights rest. Some people only get fresh water flowing to their village from the mountains every 4 months or so. Though one thing I found refreshing among the Honduran people I encountered is love and thanksgiving! The heart of gratitude for my willingness to just come and offer a smile or a simple prayer on their behalf was so appreciated. It was so easy to freely love the ones God placed in my path while diligently seeking to serve Him in Honduras. I placed no expectations on the people, only plans to love them with the love of Christ as best I could. This made me think about how I love those at home. Do I place undo expectations on those I choose to love at home? Do I expect them to act or do differently because they have more resources and abilities to do so in my mind? The need for love is universal. In fact, there was heartbreak within our own mission team. I began to recognize that heartbreak to God is simply heartbreak. It may look different in the eyes of man, but to God its “heartbreak” in need of The Healer.


One of my most memorable moments was handing out little boxes of candy hearts left over from Valentines Day. One of the children ran up to our interpreter to ask if he could get more pills for the heart! My heart just melted.




I’m so thankful to God for allowing me to have this experience on this side of heaven!  Serving in Honduras for a week has been like one big giant pill for my heart and I’ll be forever grateful to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for showing me that we can love in any language!!!

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