Memorable Pampering

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Photo It was a  Saturday with no engagements on the calendar for the weekend–a refreshing change.  I had just left the hair salon and was in desperate need of a mani/pedi.

Instead of driving the five miles or so to my usual place in Oxmoor Mall, I decided to choose something different.  So, I said, “okay, Lord, where are we going?”  Just then, I remembered a husband and wife-owned shop just a block down, which I had not visited in almost two years.

When I pulled up, I noticed the different store-front decor right away.  After entering, I realized that the couple was no longer there.  New managers were definitely in town, and they had totally remodeled and expanded the store.

“T” rendered the services—a pedicure and then the manicure.  He was attentive, thorough, and concerned about my experience.  Although a mere child (about 21 or so), he was such a professional.  With just the right mix of humor, wit, and knowledge, he made sure that my experience was memorable. 

After I selected my exact services from the list in the pamphlet (ranging from $17.00 and up for a manicure and $28.00 and up for a pedicure), I was given the royal treatment. 

“T” explained the foot scraper (which looked like a cheese grader) and the benefits of it during the pedicure.  He kept me engaged in just the right amount of conversation while allowing me to sit, relax and not have to talk during my sessions.   After he finished, he helped me out of the massage chair and led me to his nail station.

He prepped my hands, dimmed the lights in “my” section, and instructed me to lean back and relax as the warm, palm-supported, mitts massaged my hands.  As I listened to the cascading water fall with my eyes closed, I didn’t even hear him return and quietly sit down. 

It wasn’t until I heard the soft rattle of tools that I knew he had returned.  I said, “I didn’t even hear you sit down.”  He responded, “I didn’t want to interrupt your experience.” (Yes…he was that good.)

The typical cuticle cutting, fingernail filing, and buffing were followed by anything but typical:  a forearm and hand massage with aromatherapy lotion and oil–performed separately; followed by another forearm and hand massage with hot stones; a hand scrub to exfoliate, and the paraffin hand wax to smooth and seal. What a wonderful finish!

As I walked out feeling de-stressed and with freshly painted nails and toe nails, I couldn’t help but thank God that I ventured to ask, “Okay, Lord, where are we going?” What a treat He provided!

So, if you are ever in Middletown, Kentucky,  with a little extra time (about two hours) and little extra cash (about $60.00 including the tip) for pampering, try Cardinal Nails at 12123 Shelbyville Road.  Ask for “T”. 

Hopefully, your pampering experience will be just as pleasant AND memorable as mine.

~Shelly Johns

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