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I have recently become a “Facebook” user.  This media phenomenon has opened a whole new world of networking!  I have connected with old classmates, found long lost friends and family,  and  it helps me stay in touch with many people that I wouldn’t ordinarily be in contact with daily.   My friends list reaches from next door all the way to Iraq!

The networking site allows me a window into other’s lives.  I am privy to the ups and downs they experience.  Their joys and sorrows are documented online along with their day to day living.

The Lord has been dealing with me since I entered this new realm of communication.   The Holy Spirit has helped me realize this is not just a way to keep in touch with others; it is a new avenue of opportunity for ministry!

As Christians, we need to share our faith rather than having just mindless connections with our “friends”.  Some ideas for ministry include:      

                                    pray for our friends whenever we see their postings

                                   witness when the opportunity presents itself

                                    encourage during trials and troubles

                                    post scripture passages daily

                                    mentor others experiencing situations you have overcome

                                    post Christian information for others to read

                                   pass on prayer request information

I am sure each of us can creatively share our faith and use social networking as a tool for ministry if we look at it as an opportunity to bring people closer to Jesus and if we become intentional in seeking ways to reach out to our “friends”.  May God bless your efforts!

An additional note:  My fellow blogger, Aundie Starks, had double bypass heart surgery this week.  She is doing well and continues to improve, but please remember her in prayer as she recovers.

Donna Coffey

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