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How easy is obedience?  We know what we are supposed to do and yet because of selfishness, fear, apathy, or even lack of faith, we choose to do just the opposite.  I get so very frustrated at my 3 year old sometimes.  She knows what is right and wrong.  She understands that mommy and daddy are the boss and that her job is to follow our directions.  However, at least a handful of times a day I find myself getting onto her about her listening skills.  I know she hears me.  I know she understands.  But she would rather at that moment in time choose to do something else.

What a reflection of my obedience to what God asks of me daily.  I have my own agenda, my own plans.  How often does God get frustrated with me and my lack of ability to follow through with what I already know that God has asked me to do?

In the Old Testament, we are reminded that obedience is better than sacrifice.  So, no matter what I offer to God, if my life does not reflect obedience, my offering is worthless.  Today, I want to be obedient.  I want my faith to reach new heights.

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