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We sometimes get so caught up in perfecting the presentation of our ministry, we lose focus on the purpose of it!

How many times have we missed opportunities to minster while being consumed with perfecting how our message will be presented? What difference does it make how good it looks if we haven’t conveyed our message?

If we prepare a beautiful women’s event with no ministry substance, it’s just a pretty party!  It can have a fabulous setting, amazing decorations, delicious food, wonderful entertainment, charming speaker…but if ministry isn’t the primary focus, it’s just a social affair.

If our church’s women’s group has a social media outreach through FaceBook, Twitter, email, etc., but God’s Word and the Gospel are not at the forefront, it’s just another social media site. The site may look current and appealing, but it’s not ministry!

If we choose a new Bible study because it’s the new popular “in” topic, but it doesn’t address the needs of the women in our church, we may be victims of peer pressure and wanting to look good among our peers rather than seeking to minster to the women around us.

We’ve become a society thinking everything must look perfect…which can easily become superficial. Yes, we should always present our very best unto the Lord. He is worthy of our excellence in all we do.  The dilemma comes when more of our focus, time, and energy is devoted to making our ministry look good, rather than carrying out the work of the Lord!

May we be found always giving our best to the Lord and not fall victim to the need for everything looking perfect!  May we keep our focus on Him and His ministry!

Donna Coffey

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  1. shelly
    Posted September 6, 2017 at 9:45 am | Permalink

    Excellent reminder, Donna! Thank you.

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