Process Pattern of Prayer

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Sometimes your heart is heavy about “stuff.”  You may not be angry…disappointed…not even sad. (“Well, maybe I have been a tad sad at times.  Smile.”)  Your heart is simply processing.

I believe that Jesus processed too, but He thrived in the process because He remained obedient.  He was fully human AND fully God.  Yet, Jesus showed His followers how to rightly process and remain obedient too. (“I want to thrive in obedience, Father!”)

The Bible illustrates how Jesus processed through the pattern of prayer.  The why’s, how’s, when’s (if you will allow me the word), and the other pictures of Jesus’ prayerful, process pattern guide:

Luke 5:16 shares how He prayed often and alone. Sometimes, we simply need to steal away and pray in the process.

John 17:9 shares how He prayed for others. Pray for others in the process.

Luke 9:28 shares how He prayed with others. Share your heart with those who have shown themselves to be trustworthy to pray with you in the process.

Luke 6:12 shares how He prayed all night.  Sometimes an all-nighter in the process happens.

John 8:31-32 shares how He prayed with the knowledge of Truth.  Truth will set you free. Pray with the knowledge of God’s Word in your heart.

God’s Truth also confirms our prayers will not always be answered as we expect.  Jesus knew this Truth, stating, “not my will but thy will…” (Matthew 26:36-44).

Is your heart heavy, processing something right now?  Do you know someone in the processing moment?  What has been your response? What is your method of processing?

The greatest desire of my heart is to glorify God.  (“Oh God, let this remain my heart’s cry!”) Nevertheless, sometimes, a “girl” must process. Let’s remember the pattern of prayer in the process, thriving in the Lord through obedience to y(our) Father!

Here’s to y(our) spiritual health!


P.S.  add your own verses of how Jesus (God’s Son) processed to the glory of God (His Father) and follow His process pattern of prayer!

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