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Life Goals for Kids

Just last week, the following blog post came up on my Facebook Memories.  I wanted to share it with you because after it came up, my youngest son came to me and said, “Mama, I need to be saved.”  That afternoon, he gave his life to Christ, the best decision he will ever make in […]

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Training Up Children As You Go

I’m not sure that there is an escape from guilt in motherhood. It is a tool the enemy uses to discourage and hinder at every turn. I am constantly battling thoughts of failure; especially in regards to our children. I deeply want to train them up in the Lord, to provide for them, and to […]

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To the Moms of Littles Serving the Lord

You are the VBS Director. You are the Sunday School teacher. You are the Nursery Coordinator. You are the Worship Leader. You are the Pastor’s Wife. You are the Women’s Bible Study teacher. You are the Volunteer. You are serving. I see you. I see you roll into meetings with a child on your hip […]

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