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Is Your Smart Phone Being Used as a Snare?

My heart rate elevated just a bit and a slight brain fog fell upon me as I suddenly became aware I had forgotten something very important. I even noticed my palms getting sweaty as I tightened the grip on my steering wheel. Then, I was accompanied by a deep sense of disappointment while driving in […]

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Dear Minister’s Wife: You Are More Than Comparisons

As women, we often fall victim to the comparison game. We fret over our weight, what we’re feeding our children, and how our homes look based upon what we believe another wife, mother, or friend does. In ministry, however, this can be especially devastating. If you have been serving any length of time, you’ve likely […]

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The Enemy Of Joy

It is in our very nature to compare.  Without a second thought, we size one another up.  This person is skinnier.  That person has a bigger house.  How do they go on vacation every year?  They’re believers, why do they not struggle?  Comparison.  The enemy of joy. When we start to look toward our friend, […]

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