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Following God, Even When We Don’t Want To

My whole life I have been trying to follow God’s will. It has always been relatively easy since, from a young age, I have known that God has called me to teach French. In following God’s will, there have been ups and downs, as there usually are, but I finally graduated with a degree in […]

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It Is Well With My Soul

Not to be too personal with my first post, but I want to ask you, dear sister, is it well with your soul? Horatio Spafford, the writer of the famous song It Is Well With My Soul, suffered a horrendous tragedy. Two years following the death of his young son of four, Spafford’s four daughters […]

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Delta Flight #2161… Seats19A, 19B, & 19C

I sat down to occupy 19C for my flight from Atlanta up to Philadelphia.  An ordinary day I would say until my seatmates arrived one at a time sitting down in 19B then 19A.  We all wiggled into place and searched for seatbelts among our full figured bundled winter bodies. I had already began to […]

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Keep Looking Up!

Ugh. It’s laundry day… again. Will there ever be an end to this never-ending task? Sorting…washing…drying…folding…shirts, pants, jeans, pj’s, undies, socks, ball jerseys, towels, loose change, a mechanical pencil, lip gloss, a spelling list, but (whew!) thankfully no cell phones. Laundry gets piled so high that I feel like I’m drowning! Sometimes the mundane parts […]

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