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Is Your Prayer Life Hot or Cold?

Once in a while at just the right moment God will demand an answer to such questions? I recently went to see the new movie many are raving about called,War Room! (It’s worth raving about…just FYI) Can I let you in on a little secret? I went to the movie alone. Yes, that’s right, alone! […]

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God Works Through An Active Prayer Line!

I went for a walk in the local park this week.  I didn’t even put my ear buds in to listen to music.  I decided to talk with God and try my best to listen for His still small voice to speak without any distractions.  I cried out for Him to help me get back […]

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Hold on Tight!!!

  I absolutely love this picture my husband and I took a few weeks ago in the Grand Canyon.  It captures the silly fun times we enjoy together!  At the same time, it serves as a reminder of days gone by when our marriage felt as though we were dangling off the side of the […]

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Love Is In The Air…

Valentines Day is a day that I must admit, makes me a bit giddy.  The anticipation in knowing I can probably count on a card with a few handwritten words from my hubby professing his undying love for me sends me into orbit!  It doesn’t take too much ladies!  The note usually comes accompanied with […]

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