Thankfulness Lost in Busyness

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Life is so fast, right? When I turned 40 last summer it was like my life light turned yellow. It was a divine signal to yield, slow down and enjoy life. I am a goal getter and for me slowing down caused me to have anxiety about hitting the brakes and saying, “No”, when I wanted to scream, “Yes!”

I am a work in process. Still even this morning, I am saying, “No, not right now”, and feeling guilty for not being able to continue life in the fast lane. You know girls, our bodies were not created for a constant flurry of busyness. The Lord has brought it to my attention that we were instead created for thankfulness. YES! Even in my struggle to be transformed from the busy Mama life into the thankful Mama life, I am finding freedom in basking in gratitude and thankfulness.

As I sat in my chair, with datebook in hand, planning my month (yes, an entire month), the Lord gently said, “When you are consumed by busyness you are unable to be influenced by thankfulness”.

So as we enter into the busiest season of the year, let us enter in with a heart filled to the brim with thanksgiving. We often ask, “What can I possibly do to bless the Lord?” After all He is the Creator of all things. Perhaps we could use our thankfulness as a way to bless Him. What if we lived out Psalm 100:4 in our every day life?

Psalm 100:4 Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise; give thanks to Him and praise His Name.







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