The Flu

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Everyone’s heard about it.  Actually, almost everyone has had it.  The dreaded and dangerous flu that has been going around this season is no joke.  It is crippling even the healthy and even claiming lives. Scary is an understatement, especially for me.  With a 4-year-old and a 7 week old, I am frightened that they will contract some strand of this nasty virus and face what could be traumatizing times.  I have even gone so far as to almost become barricaded in our home with our new baby, attempting to shield her from any unwanted germs (or a wandering touch).  It’s serious, y’all.

Some may call me overprotective or even a little bit silly for keeping her in this bubble.  But I am adamant to do whatever I can to keep my girls safe and well.  My 4-year-old has even had to resort to applying a layer of vaseline on her dry, chapped hands before bed at night from washing them so much.  I know that there is only so much I can do to keep my babies safe.  I understand that even in all my attempts for them to stay well, there is still a chance sickness could find our home.  Does this however cause me to throw up my hands in defeat and give way to any and all germs because my efforts could still be thwarted?  Absolutely not.

Sin is like the flu.  It is running rampant in our world and even has crippling effects.  Sin can be dangerous, nasty, traumatizing, and could even claim lives.  But God has offered us a remedy.  A treatment for our sin sickness.  Jesus Christ came to overwhelm our sin.  His death on the cross creates the cure, but we must still remain vigilant daily to thwart the effects sin can have if we don’t try to stay away from it.  In Proverbs it says, “Give us clean hands (YES!), and give us pure hearts.”  Our hearts’ sin problem is cured when Jesus becomes our Savior.  But may we remain adamant about trying our best to have clean hands from our daily sins so the sickness does not overtake us.  Will I stumble?  Absolutely!  Does that give me a reason to throw my hands up in defeat?  Absolutely not!

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