The Journey

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The last 17 years of my journey with Christ has not been easy. I am a Mama to six, Mimi to three, working from home, and we are a homeschool family. It seems like I am always racing against the clock. Setting aside time daily to pray and study God’s Word is super hard but I have found that it is harder to NOT spend time with Him than it is to creatively find ways to carve out a few minutes a day.

My first few tries were tough. I would get the kids involved in an activity or down for a nap only to be interrupted. Most days were frustrating and I would give up feeling defeated. However, looking back.. what I didn’t realize is that even in the interruptions of life, nothing could keep me from talking to Him. I would pray as I changed diapers, sing praise and worship music while doing dishes, and in those short breaks I would quickly write down a verse from a Bible study or sermon on an index card and post it where I could read it in passing. There were those occasional nap times that gave me a few minutes to journal and pour my heart out to Him. Many of my 10 week Bible studies took me 20 weeks to complete.

Serving others during those early years was simply cultivating my relationships with other Mama’s. My profession was helping them breastfeed their babies. As I developed relationships with them,  I shared easy ways to connect with Christ while raising a family. It was how ministry began for me. Now, I am blogging and speaking to women about how they can live stronger in Christ.

I don’t know where you are in your journey. I don’t know what distractions or schedules you keep up with. But I do know that Jesus is totally worth the struggle. When you lean into Him during those extra moments to speak to Him or memorize a portion of Scripture, He sees your struggle and draws close. Enjoy the journey, you may find your ministry just like I did!

Enjoying the journey,



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  1. Shelky
    Posted December 12, 2017 at 9:55 am | Permalink

    Shana, as I read your post, I remembered that shy, young woman who approached me years ago during an evangelism event. That moment marked the beginning of a friendship/mentorship. You volunteered for various events for me. You and your girls prayed over me. You attended almost every Super Saturday training that I led. You went back to school and continued to walk out your calling. You became someone I trusted and used to lead other women. I am so amazed at how God allowed me to see you grow to be a woman after His own heart. Moreover, I am so proud of the woman whom you continue to become. Praise God for His workmanship!

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