The Living Dead…in “Books a Million”?

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She walked right in front of me….a 16 or 17 year old dressed as the “living” dead.  It was actually kind of eerie because the bullet really appeared to have penetrated her head, splattering blood across her face and leaving an open “wound.” 

Her face was pale (from the makeup), and she wore a dress that was covered in “blood”.  This had to be the work of a professional I thought.

Trust me…it was not something that you expect to see on the street (at least not up and walking)—much less as you are scanning the book shelves at your neighborhood Books a Million!!! (I tried not to look startled, but inside I screamed.)

The cashier was startled and obviously missed the girl’s earlier entrance into the store.   She was chatting with me and had just said, “Have a nice eve….,” when she froze.  I turned around to see creepy-girl standing right behind me, rendering the cashier speechless. 

As I left the store, I thought, “I wish that I had my phone to capture evidence.”  This was something that you definitely had to see to believe.

I also thought, “those not in Christ are the “living” dead in so many ways—just without the makeup and costume.”  (Read Ephesians 2:1-3.) 

Father, help us share your great love and mercy, which can raise those dead in sin to life with Christ (Ephesians 2:4-5).   

 Alive with Christ,

Shelly Johns

P.S.  Please pray for Tom and Donna Coffey (one of our blog writers) as they continue to seek medical direction during this time.

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