Tracks of Low-Self Esteem

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Someone told me something they considered to be true about me.  The words penetrated me to my core—not because they were true. Actually, the words couldn’t have been further from the truth.  (Or is it “farther”?  I can never remember.)

After hearing the words, I gently corrected how I do handle certain situations and continued the conversation.

Truthfully, my mind has drifted back to that conversation—not because of the words.  Actually, the motivation of the would-be informant concerned me.  Why would someone tell someone else something so untrue?

After talking things over with God, He reminded me how a person’s low self-esteem can motivate one to act contrary to God’s ways.  I realized the person lied about me because of low self-esteem.

We compromise who and what God says we are when we do not use His Truth as the plumb line. I have played the victim of low self-esteem in the past, which is what God used to remind me of the symptoms.  I was able to recognize the tracks of low self-esteem.

So, I have begun to pray even more specifically for this person, as well as myself.  God can do more with this situation than I could ever hope or imagine.

Are you dealing with something?  Are you the “something” with which others are dealing?  Give it (the situation) to God. Trust Him to make the ugly, difficult, sordid, chaotic, seemingly unforgivable, or ___________  into something that glorifies Him. (You fill in the blank as needed.)

In the meantime, you get back in step with the Spirit and watch our Great God work!

Here’s to your spiritual health!


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