True Love

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Next week, dozens of roses will be delivered to women everywhere.  Expensive chocolates will be bought, and cards will be sent. Eventually, all of those things will end up in the garbage.  For some, feelings well be hurt because they didn’t get that diamond ring they were anticipating and that expensive meal they waited hours to get just wasn’t worth it.  The problem with Valentine’s Day is it focuses on “stuff” to make us feel loved.  It doesn’t focus on the One who offers real true love.


As women, we want to be loved and to know without a shadow of a doubt that we are truly loved. Unconditionally loved.  We are emotional creatures and the slightest thing will cause doubts to creep in about our lover’s intentions.  Why?  Because of our worldly desires.  Our desires should be Christ centered.

When we focus our hearts on Christ, we experience real true love.  We receive a love that is faithful. We receive a love that is unconditional.  We receive a love that will make our dreams come true.  Jesus loves us so much that He gave his life so that we can spend eternity in heaven, eternity in peace.  Why would we not accept that gift?  If you were starving would you deny the food and water placed before you?  If your house was burning, would you deny the hoses that would extinguish it? Then why would you deny Christ who offers you more than this world ever could?


This Valentine’s Day, as candies and cards are exchanged, I pray that you focus on the true love only found in Christ.  The things of this world will disappoint, but Jesus never will.

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