Walk with Her by Christel Taylor

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Walk with Her

Walk with Her

A young single mother of three has been attending our church for a few months. One day I thought to my self, “Who is living life with her? Who is walking along side her and with her in the faith?” So one day I was able to spend some one-on-one time with her. While her boys played at the splash-park we talked. As our conversation carried on for a while, I asked her, “Do you have devotional time or read your Bible?” Her response was, “I read my Bible, but I don’t understand any of it. But I read it, because I know I am supposed to.” So I offered to read through a book of the Bible with her. In my mind I was also thinking, “Really? Is this something else I want to put on my busy plate?”

Thankfully, I pushed passed those thoughts and decided to meet up with her. (The Holy Spirit was at work in me.) We have been reading through Ephesians, one chapter a week, and meeting once a week to go over the chapter together. We have been meeting at different parks, so her boys can play while we dive into God’s Word together.

Thinking this “Bible study” was going to be instrumental in her life, which I think it is, it has been a blessing to mine as well. I really enjoy being intentional about reading and sharing God’s word with a young sister in Christ, seeing her boys throughout the week, and having the opportunity to talk to each other about other aspects of our lives.

How we spend and manage our time, is our choice. We make time for what we really want to make time for. I know our time looks different during different seasons of our lives, but I’m glad that I was willing and able to make these weekly meetings happen.

As a wife of an inner-city church planter, serving in the church, being a full-time middle school teacher, and a new mother-to-be; life is busy. It’s tough to keep pouring out sometimes. It’s easy for me to make excuses about my time and energy, (yes, I know sometimes you have to say no) but I believe the Lord put this desire in me to make time to pour into this young sister’s life. Through this, the Lord has been using this to pour into me. The Lord is so gracious.

~ “Gracious is the Lord….” Psalm 116:5~

Christel Taylor is our newest crosseyedliving.com blogger. Look forward to reading more of her posts on her regularly scheduled day once that has been determined. “Welcome Christel! Thanks for doing life with us.” ~Shelly

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