We Never Know What The Wait Could Mean

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Going to the doctor is never fun and is usually met with some degree of waiting. Most of us are horrible at waiting. We get antsy and easily frustrated in the wait. We carry around smart phones in our pockets to fill every void second with some type of stimulation that allows us to feel as though we are entertained in our wait or more pathetically, productive. Right?


On December 20th I had a surgical consult for a minor upcoming procedure. I checked into my appointment on time for my 2 p.m. appointment. I wasn’t called back to an exam room for 1.25 hours. Then, I was interviewed by a nurse and asked to wait for the doctor to see me. Exactly an hour later I had still not seen a doctor. I was 2.25 hours into this ordeal when my frustration levels were escalating upward. I was trying very hard to keep myself entertained so I tuned into a crochet lesson on YouTube. I was seriously trying to make a good use of my time and divert my thoughts away from anger and frustration. Seriously, I didn’t want to be rude and come across grouchy, but it was such a struggle after waiting and waiting with no explanation.


Finally, I did go to the door and peep out at the desk to ask the staff if they had forgotten me. (I was pleasant just for the record.) The nurse told me no and that the doctor had an emergency down at the other end of the clinic. I’m thinking why in the world would they not come and inform me, the patient? Still don’t get that.


Anyway, the doctor finally made it to my room being very apologetic for her tardiness. She was a bit distraught as she shared how she had been called to the exam room of a first time mother pregnant with a 34-week baby who was going to have to deliver a deceased baby. This young lady came for a routine check up with no family to accompany her and this would turn out to be a life-altering day never to be forgotten.


I was just trying to get my Christmas shopping finished and wanted to get on with my day. As soon as I realized what had happened just down the hall I felt so ashamed and grief stricken for this young mother 5-days before Christmas. Suddenly, I was thinking how unimportant shopping is at this moment. I turned my heart toward God and whispered a prayer for this lady I did not know.


When we are inconvenienced with a wait, remember God is control of all things and there just might be a really good reason you are waiting. Perhaps you are being protected from an accident, or maybe God will pass a special person into your path. You never know, but when the wait seems frustrating just turn your heart toward Him and ask how you might pray in that mom

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    You are so right, Kelli!

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