What’s The Plan?

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11412128_10205730669279312_1034170775540927930_o (1)My husband is not one who sits and relaxes well.  Before he became a  Pastor, he was a Marine and a banker – lots of structure.  He is well known with family and close friends for asking “what’s the plan?” To some of us, there is something comforting about knowing there’s a plan.

A month ago, I started The Daniel Plan (by Rick Warren and The Daniel Plan Team).  It is basically a healthy lifestyle change.  If God made it, eat it and don’t do it by yourself.  That’s the simplistic summary of a book and lifestyle plan.  It was fairly easy to make the changes necessary – from three or more Dr. Peppers a day to zero was a huge change, but even that wasn’t too hard.  I lost several pounds in just a few weeks and felt great. Then I went on vacation for 10 days.  I knew going into the trip that the healthy food choices weren’t going to be available.  I also knew that I was going to Disney World, home of The Dole Whip, German Caramel, O’Hana, and several other basics of eating for our Disney trips.  I was going to dump The Daniel Plan and go with the “Lisa’s on vacation at Disney World Plan”.  I managed to avoid soft drinks, but I really enjoyed every bite of my plan.  The consequences of my lack of discipline regarding food weren’t too bad (probably because I was walking 7 – 10 miles a day).  As soon as I was home, I was back on track.  I knew The Daniel Plan is best for my health but I chose to eat what I wanted.

In Jeremiah 29:11, God says He has a plan for me, a plan to prosper and not harm me, to give me a hope and a future.

Just like a plan for my physical health, God has a plan for my overall health.  I can spend time in His Word and in communication with Him and follow His plan – which is for my best, or I can choose to follow the “Lisa just wants to do what she wants” plan – which always has consequences.  Thankfully, God’s grace is waiting and makes it easy to fall back into step with His plan.

What’s your plan for today?  God’s plan or yours?


Choosing God’s Plan,



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