What’s Your Sign?

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Last week during a routine shopping trip with my husband and daughter to our local Sam’s Club, we weaved in and out of people to make our way down one aisle and up another. Through the traffic of one aisle and our daughter saying “Hi!” to everyone we saw, we were eagerly approached by an unusually dressed man (for our decade) whom we had recently passed at the other end. This man appeared to have been lost in the seventies, based on his attire, on a mission, in regards to the speed at which he was approaching, but he also looked and seemed quite amicable.

His immediate question as he advanced towards the cart where I was pushing our daughter was, “How old is she?” My first thought was, “Oh, he’s being so nice and interested in our cute daughter!” When I responded that she was 19 months old, he leaned in closer and asked another question. “So when is her birthday?” My husband and I exchanged glances at the surprising inquisitiveness this stranger had taken with our little girl. I paused for a moment before I answered him once again by telling him that our daughter had been born in December. Now, his question was what part of December was she born! He must have seen the apprehension rising up in my eyes or the fact that my husband kept jerking the front of the cart to try and lure me away from this man who didn’t know the meaning of personal space (or personal information for that matter).

This man, who by all accounts seemed harmless but nosy, began a very much one-sided conversation where he went ahead to explain to my husband and me that our daughter’s astrological sign was in fact a Sagittarius. Unfortunately that is not where he stopped. He continued for about twenty minutes to expound upon everything that this sign meant for our sweet Caroline. Who should she marry? He had an answer for that. What games would she like to play? He knew. What would her strengths and weaknesses be? He identified them for us. I am really not even sure that our visitor even dared to take a breath while he filled our heads with all the wisdom he so frantically wished to impart upon us.

When I realized that my turn to talk was not in the near future, I began to pray. Not out loud! In my head as my husband jolted our cart every few seconds and a strange man communicated his version of the truth to me, I began to pray. When I got the chance, what was my response going to be to this vulnerable and mistaken man standing in front of me? How would I display the love of Christ while still discounting what he prophesied as truth for my daughter?

When I later looked up the definition of astrology on dictionary.com, I found the below explanation.

A study of the positions and relationships of the sun, moon, stars, and planets in order to judge their influence on human actions.

There are also many websites when I researched it that could give you your horoscope, find your true love, tell you your yearly forecast (whatever that is), and grant you a daily reading of your finances. Wow! Really?! All based on the position of the celestial beings on the day you were born!

What I wanted to say to this man was, “I have news for you! God placed all those things in the sky just like He created my little girl just like He wanted her to be. She is uniquely favored by Him and not determined by day she was born or the position of the moon.” However, I just kept praying. When I felt like he had reached a point where I could more easily interject and my husband wouldn’t pull the cart out from under my grip, I responded with these simple words, “Well, sir, we are Christians, and we believe that she belongs to Jesus. And our faith tells us that He will take care of her no matter what her future holds.” And that was it. That’s all I could get out before he began trying to convince me that it was ok to be a Christian and believe in astrology. It was then that I had a peace about saying bye and walking away. This man believed whole-heartedly that he knew the truth. He wasn’t trying to be malicious or slander anything I believed, but rather improve my understanding of the future for my daughter.

Well, I’ve got news for you. Different versions of the truth are NOT the Truth. Adding our own mixture to the Gospel refutes its validity. Picking and choosing what we believe from Scripture only causes more confusion in our search for pure Truth. I was reminded of 2 Corinthians 11:14 as I walked away from this misguided person that “Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” Some of you may not see any harm in looking at your horoscope for fun or counting your lucky stars, but heed that warning from Paul. Satan will and can use even things that seem harmless or trivial to distract us from real Truth. Even John writes a warning to the church about misrepresentation of the Gospel.

“I am writing these things to warn you about those who want to lead you astray.”—1 John 2:26

I left Sam’s Club that day a little intimidated and convicted by a stranger that so easily approached us to share what he believed to be true, while I posses the One who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, but don’t share with that same fervency. I also left praying for the next person he may interact with that they may see through Satan’s lies and deceit to steal even just a little bit of the glory that belongs to God, because the next person may only see the stars.

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