When Storms Come

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On Thursday afternoon, I made the dreaded trip to the grocery store.  We are under a Winter Storm Warning, so we must be prepared. You know the drill: milk and bread in every shopping cart.  When the forecast calls for extreme weather events, it’s only natural to prepare.  Even those of us who live in “the bubble” here in south central Kentucky prepare although somehow, we often miss the brunt of the storms.  We prepare our homes by stocking our refrigerators and gathering supplies.  We err on the side of caution for those “What If” situations.  Yet, how often do we prepare for those other storms of life?


All to often, we find ourselves unprepared for what lies ahead: sickness, financial difficulty, loss.  Usually, these storms come out of nowhere, there’s no forecaster to predict we will be diagnosed with cancer or we will lose a loved one unexpectedly.  So, how do we prepare?


We continue to grow in our relationship with Christ.


As we study scripture, spend time in prayer and worship, and lift our hearts in thanksgiving, God will not reveal our upcoming trials.  However, He will mold us. He will teach us. We will grow closer to Him.  Then when those storms approach or hit us out of nowhere, we can stand strong.  We can thrive because we never stopped preparing.


Spending time in fellowship with the Lord is never wasted time.  God uses this time to prepare our hearts and minds for what’s to come.  As we grow in our relationship with Him, we see how God has proved Himself faithful.  When those big storms come, we have faith that He will provide for us again.


Dear Friend, I pray that you spend time with the Lord each and every day.  I pray that as you pray and study scripture that you remain confident and steadfast in whatever lies head. God is good all the time even in our storms.

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