Who is God?

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In my small group today we were talking about different attributes of God.  How do I see God and who is He to me?  In the Old Testament, the Israelites only referred to God by his characteristics…


Jehovah Jireh-Provider


….And so many more.

Our group mentioned traits like God is love, just, faithful, truth, and constant.  We examined who God is, who Scripture says He is, and who He has been to each of us.  To me today, God sustains me, comforts me, restores my soul, and calms my fears.  In my circumstances, God my reveal Himself to me in different ways or allow me to experience a deeper understanding of Him and certain characteristics He portrays.

We can still identify with God like the Israelites did as celebrating and worshipping God for His healing, His provisions, or His mercy.  But God’s characteristics do not stop with only how I can identify or even through the circumstances I find myself.  If He does not bring healing to my body, does that mean that He is not Jehovah Rapha, my healer?  If my circumstance finds me wanting something that He has not brought, is he not Jehovah Jireh, my provider?

My condition does not define my God.  A frame of mind, emotion, or struggle will not represent all aspects of who God is, especially when my perspective is on me rather than on the Truth of God’s character.  God is Lord, Provider, Creator, Healer, Mighty, With Us, Love, Truth, Holy…… even when I don’t see it, even when my feelings don’t match up.  God doesn’t rely on how I see Him to have any of these qualities.  But rather, God allows me to experience Him through my life, even through the highs and lows, to know Him a little deeper.

God is still who He says He is.  My revelation now is to focus on this Truth rather than on my own perspective in my circumstances.  He still remains.

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